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What is Simply Made Cocktails (SMC) about? Simply Made Cocktails, sometimes also referred to as SMC, is a YouTube based video show exploring the world of the variety of spirits and cocktails. The cocktails covered range from classic American pre-prohibition to the modern day craft. Simply Made Cocktails also researches and informs on the education of the history of the spirits and cocktail industry.
What do you do on your videos? On the show, we review individual brands of spirits, liqueurs/cordials, and other products that go into making a great tasting cocktail.
Are you a certified bartender? As far as being a bartender, no we are not. For specific details on any certifications, read the individual bios below.
Full Disclosure Many of our reviews are done with samples sent from PR firms, distributors, brands and/or brand ambassadors. When this is the case, we make it known on our video show, both in video format and in the description/posting of the video on our video page of our YouTube channel, our web site posting for that particular video, and finally via any social media posting we make on the topic. We are regular people who are transparent to the viewers in regards to our unbiased thoughts of any particular brand. We do inform the brnads of just this as well. If you want to gain another channel of exposure with a regular person’s honest and transparent opinion on your product, reach out to us.

Eric Thurow | Creator & Host

I graduated high school from Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose back in 1994. After taking a brief break from school, I attended Ohlone Community College in Fremont. My course of studies was both general education and digital radio/television production. However, my main focus turned to strictly receiving a certificate for radio broadcasting and marketing. After my completion of studies at Ohlone College in 1998, I attended Heald College, School of Business in Milpitas, CA. My focus there was to finally receive a Associates degree in Business to further my professional career ooutlook. I did graduate from Heald College in 2002 with a Associate’s in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Software Applications. After a short 4 month break, I transferred what units I could to DeVry University in Fremont, CA. I graduated from DeVry University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Technical Management (BSTM) with a concentration in Network Administration. I am now planning on continuing my education to receive my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) concentrating in personal finance, public administration, and small business management. However, due to a profession change, my continuance with education has been placed on a temporary hold.

Industry Background

I do not have any professional or on the job experience of being a bartender, bar back, bar manager, nor owning a bar establishment. My knowledge for the industry has been gained through personal research, gained relationships, and networking (in person and on social media). At the time of this bio update, I have obtained a certificate in mixology from Bar Virgin, Inc. I am slowly, but surely aiming to obtain certification in the following fields: 1) Tips On Premise Certification; 2) BarSmarts Certification by Pernod Ricard USA, Inc.; 3) Spirits Professional/Master Accreditation by United States Bartenders Guild (USBG): 4) Certified Specialist of Spirtis (CSS) from Society of Wine Eductators; and 5) Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR) 5-Day Certification Program